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4 tips to help you optimize your Amazon account

Many Amazon sellers are known to take the time to build the store and especially the product description and photos, but not everyone understands that true optimization of a good Amazon store starts from the ground up. To succeed in achieving a high rating and maintaining it in a way that will guarantee you good results over time, here are four tips to help you optimize quality in your account:

Find your way to the Buy Box – almost everything is sold only there

If you were wondering how many people, just like you, find themselves shopping on Amazon just from the Buy Box window at the top of the page? The answer according to comprehensive studies conducted in the data is almost 80% of all sales on the platform, so if you are not there, you really are almost non-existent. One of the most important things is to take care of finding your way to appear within the Buy Box while maintaining trends set at the platform level, i.e. to keep your hand on the pulse and know how to make changes to your inventory or pricing as needed to appear where you need to appear to really sell. Don't know what to do to reach your destination? There are quite a few online tutorials full of ways to do this and even faster than you thought.

Choose the right payment plan according to the expected sales volume – plan for savings

Amazon, like other online sales platforms, offers sellers a variety of different payment options, the difference between which usually lies in the expected amount of sales per seller. While new sellers may choose to pay a little more for each item sold instead of paying a higher monthly fee, those who expect more to sell will probably choose to switch to the professional payment plan that allows paying uniform amounts in advance which will pay off more for the seller as sales increase. It is important to choose what suits you, at least in the initial stage of setting up and operating the online sales in order to save unnecessary costs or alternatively know how to make the necessary investment in time, so that it saves you maximum money along the way.

Consider rapid expansion through advance payments and a loan against existing sales

Business owners who are starting their way to success and have sales systems that are already operating to one degree or another, may consider using financial tools like working capital loans against existing sales or advancing payments against transactions already made on sales platforms like Amazon for example. In this configuration, the expansion of your business can be much faster than you dreamed without opening a loan credit line or using money that does not actually belong to you, which will take you and your business to the next level and allow you to immediately move from limited success to full cash.

Maintain excellent customer relationships to rank in recommendations

Customer relationships and surfer recommendations, especially those that are accompanied by responses and made after an actual approved purchase from the seller in question, are an essential component in your ranking and perhaps the one that will most affect it which is open to your full influence. If you maintain good customer relationships and make sure to talk to all your customers on time, update them for any delay and be available to them for any question or request within as wide a time frame as possible, you will most likely see yourself flying and overtaking many other sellers focused only on the bottom line of their immediate profit . In the long run, only a seller with many recommendations and detailed surfer ratings will be able to reach a serious sales volume of a reputable business through the Amazon platform.