Working capital loans

Do you have a successful online sales history? Get an instant loan to buy future inventory and expand your online sales.

How will Capital Loans Promote Your Bussiness?

Online sales are considered a sharp and fast world, where those who want to succeed can not afford to wait for payments, suffer delays from external parties and be dependent on others to expand and succeed in selling big. The fast track to success, which does not go through years of low price competition through international sites like Amazon or AliExpress, will allow you to expand your business effectively and quickly, generate higher revenue and take your brand and business to the next level.

Kiara Fintech provides an immediate and customized financing solution for financing your sales network. In our way, where we walk hand in hand from the first conversation to the end of the business development process, you can enjoy a perfect combination of financial professionalism, specialization in online sales and a unique financial approach to financing and loan solutions in a variety of channels, which will give you not only peace of mind.

Selling online? Get a loan based on sales only

The financing solutions we offer our customers are based their digital sales. Anyone who knows how to sell online and wants to do it successfully may be eligible for an instant loan based on current sales data and future sales expectations.

The advantages of our method - immediate and effective investment in your business

Customizing our advanced financing solutions to the needs of each business and especially to the exact data of its digital sales array, not only prevents problems and financial delays but also "flattens the way" for your business expansion and even Assists you in drawing a roadmap for the expansion process based on sales data. Most of all, our way allows you as business owners who already exist and sell, to take advantage of your existing revenue cycle as a basis for expansion, without taking excessive risks involved in large bank loans that do not take into account an insignificant sales volume. Also, with the help of our advanced financing solutions you will find your way to earn more and pay less, depending on the volume of sales and loan repayment you reach.

With us at Chiara Fintech, you will find your personal way to expand your business and sales network in a safe and efficient manner, limit business risks and increase profits, avoid unnecessary costs and bank fees, navigate the process successfully Expand your business and finally reach an active and significant increase in your future revenue, in a way that will help you continue in a positive feedback loop of organic business expansion based on sales growth.

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