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Today, in order to successfully generate a handsome sales turnover and a steady flow of revenue without delays or dependence on international sales sites, every business owner needs to have a successful online sales network. In a healthy online environment you still have the challenges of the old world business such as financing your inventory and advancing payment against liquidity , Kiara Fintech is here to help you solve your issues and to grow your business.

Who we are

Kiara was fouded by Erech Finance (EFNC.TA) and Nella Digital (NALA.TA) companys listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, As of 2021 Kiara aims to accest online sales owners , finance and grow their business, by advancing short-term business payments and loans. The services we offer are designed to help the rapid organic growth of any digital sales network. In such a prolific but at the same time competitive market, most small and medium ubsiness owners need various types of financial assistance.

What do we offer?

We at Kiara Fintech specialize in offering loans at competitive rates to online sellers, using parameters tailored to the online worlds in general and sales in particular. With a personal and individual examination that we perform on a number of parameters relevant to the world of trading in order to determine the level of approved loan and interest rate, we can offer our customers offers that are not only competitive, but sometimes even exclusive, in case of customers who could not access .

Our individual exam includes dealing with the brand value, the value of the sales set in terms of monthly revenue and its future potential, return rates, inventory and other data that help us produce a complete picture of your path to the next stage in business. , Draw up a roadmap for you and take you hand in hand through the application process until you receive the loan.

The financing solutions we provide to our customers provide a faster and more accessible way to expand in the business and online sales world compared to trying to generate a steady and stable income on external platforms like Amazon that generate a respectable share of each sale. With payment. In this way, every business owner gains independence and full management ability of his sales force not only now but also in the future, on the way to successful expansion and increasing profits in the online sales arena.

Here for your business.

Connect your e-commerce account, and following review you receive an offer for a customized loan to grow your business today *.

* Subject to compliance with conditions.

Do not wait two weeks for payments to clear from trading platforms. Advance to Kiara and you will be able to receive advance payments depending on your sales.
Do not let your current cash flow, and financial constraints stop you from growing your business.

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