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Improve your cash flow with Amazon FBA

Combining the "Amazon FBA reimbursements" services with KIARA can help you avoid cash flow problems! This way you can grow your Amazon FBA business faster and better!

One of the most important things we need to grow our business on Amazon is cash flow. When we do not have the required cash flow in a liquid manner, our business will not be able to progress as we want and at the potential speed. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems that causes a delay in the growth of a business is the cash flow that entails a significant reduction in the chance of profit and endangers the future of the business.

Therefore we will try to detail how the profits can be increased with the help of reimbursement of expenses and accelerated payments.

So what is cash flow?

Whether the business exists for two or really only two days, when we run a business on Amazon or any business at all we should understand and know where the money goes? It's important that we know what we put in and what we spend and how much we have from the thing that the whole thing here at all revolves around, money!

Cash flow is a necessary thing that can not promote a business without it. To promote our Amazon business we must run with liquid money to pay suppliers, shipping fees and on the other hand put in the money we earn.

In order for a business to be profitable, it will usually be built on some pre-determined business model. Because most people who have decided to start their first business on Amazon will do so to make extra money as a supplement to income, they will usually not come with deep pockets in advance and will have to make money to leverage the business further. That is, they will use the money they earn to earn more, thus reducing the money that comes out of the private pocket in the hope of reaching a situation where the business can already finance itself and us.

Amazon FBA Reimbursements

While the products we sell are in Amazon warehouses, our products may be lost, damaged, crashed, or you may even unnecessarily pay taxes to Amazon. These cases are called "contradictions" and in order to get your money back you must submit a form to Amazon and demand a "reimbursement of expenses".

While "contradictions" are commonplace and commonplace on Amazon, unfortunately many sellers are not even aware of their eligibility to get their money back or simply do not know how to carry out the process and are therefore entitled to the money and do not take advantage of it. The money stays "on the table" and thus misses many opportunities to use the money to leverage the business in the best way.

Accelerated Payouts

To sell on Amazon businesses must agree to Amazon's payment terms.

Amazon has a regular way of paying businesses. When a business sells an item in a store, it can take between 14 and 19 business days to receive the money for the transaction.

To this end, companies like KIARA have sprung up whose job is to help you maintain a continuous cash flow based on future money from sales at Amazon. You do not need to sign a check to hire the company's services. Accelerated payments are payments that are received from KIARA in exchange for payment from the money that the business will receive. Thus, the business can maintain a continuous flow in order to pay suppliers and order already new goods for sale.

In conclusion

Imagine that you can get your money near the sale of the product. Including Saturdays and holidays! Only relying on money that is already yours. Without taking a penny out of your private pocket! Chiara helps you leverage your business, and improve your cash flow.