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This way you can preserve the environment with the help of smarter and more efficient shipping

The international shipping industry is one of the most polluting industries around the globe, and although no one wants to intentionally take part in the environmental pollution process, there is an inseparable link between sales and profitability and shipping of paying customers that must always exist for the whole equation to be balanced and viable.. Therefore, if this relationship can not be avoided, you need to know how to "play" with it in the best way, in order to create not only a good name for your brand and a good experience for your customers, but also as much profit as possible for the global environment you and your business depend on.

Preserving the environment is not something that is easy to do when it comes to shipping and logistics, even on a small scale of a start-up business owner, but the way will be much easier for those who maintain 4 as the basic tool of smart shipping that preserves the environment:

Minimum outer and inner packaging – save money and save pollution

Packaging materials, which are an inconceivable part of the waste at many landfill sites around the world, often come in disproportionate proportions to the products they contain, especially in cases where the marketing or packaging company has tried to save time and not necessarily material resources. The first important thing to do is to find the smallest and lightest packages, both internal and external, that fit the dimensions of your product, which will not only help find unnecessary garbage to reach the landfill after shipment but will also significantly reduce your shipping rate due to limited product dimensions. If even if you save and the environment benefits, it's a shame not to make it smart.

Ship directly to the customer? Design smart routes that will save fuel

Business owners who independently ship products to their customers without using an external shipping service, although these are a smaller part compared to those who do use this type of service, need at least a smart tool that will help you create optimal shipping routes that will help save time on the road / at sea / In the air and especially fuel and indirect shipping costs. Less shipping time equals less air pollution, and even in this case it is of course a significant saving in the fuel costs that your business will have to bear for the shipping.

Consider smart packaging solutions – look for an "all in one package" service

Some shipping companies, if you have chosen to use the services of an external company for shipping, today offer new types of green and smart shipping that uses packaging materials that allow reuse many times, of course at a higher payment price by the customer or seller but the shipper On net profit for the environment. In many cases, here too there is an additional marginal advantage as these shipping services usually bring the product to the customer's home in a more elegant and massive packaging compared to the alternative, which contributes to the initial impression the product makes on the customer before it opens and begins to be used.

Choose in advance whether to be "green" or not – do not stand in the middle

The worst thing a business owner can do in today's dynamic, well-publicized and environmentally conscious environment is to claim to be "green" and environmentally conscious, when in practice his company's conduct is far from having a real environmental impact. You should know in advance and let your customers know in advance if you are "green" or not and whether environmental awareness is indeed a sacred value in your company, and if so, it is very important to maintain this image and know that it will require additional investment from time to time. My perception among customers is if you decide to violate it at a later stage.